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Video Surveillance - CCTV
Closed Circuit Television commonly known as CCTV is a best way in today’s world to monitor security and prevent theft and vandalism when it comes to monitoring security for a large area.
Access & Attendance Control System
When it comes to Access control System, we are the pioneers. We provide you with state of the art access control systems, Attendance system, Biometric attendance system, canteen management system and visitor management system.
Fire Security
Fire alarm system is very crucial and when it comes to quick response in emergency, we need to make sure we have the best fire alarm system, equipped with quickest response and hydrant system.
Public Address System
A public address system (PA system) is an electronic amplification system with a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to reinforce a sound. It is used in giving speech and playing pre-recorded music, and distributing the sound throughout a venue or building.
Entrance Security
These hand held metal detectors are compact in design and thus facilitate accurate detection of gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper and mild stainless steel.

Welcome to Thasmai

At Thasmai Automation Pvt. Ltd. we are proud to be the pioneers in electronic Safety and Security Systems industry. Thasmai have been providing superior security and Safety solutions, not only in Bangalore, but across India. Partnering with world renowned brands, Thasmai brings you the incomparable range in security and automation solutions. Thasmai provides you with a wide range of Fire alarm system, Biometric system, public addressing system and CCTV in Bangalore and outreaching various other places in India. Thasmai plays a pivotal role by providing security and automation solutions to factories, IT firms, Commercial complexes, banks, institutions, etc. Headquartered in Bangalore, Thasmai has been successfully catering to various security needs across India with our strategically located branches in various parts of India.

What we do


Keeping in mind the special and specific needs of our clients, our solutions are creatively tailored and unique to its necessity. We have been open to understand specific customer requirements and planning deliverable objectives for enterprises of all sizes and magnitude. We act as your total security and BMS consultant.


We present our recommendation in the form of 2D and 3D models. We believe, this helps you in understanding your system transparently, and in return it helps us understand your views and needs. With this process you can be sure of what you are buying.


  • CCTV- We provides the best in class CCTV with top –notch CCTV Bangalore and across India.
  • Access Control System – Majorly used by factories, IT firms, Banks, and commercial complexes, these high quality access control systems are equipped with various metal detectors, barricades and biometric system
  • Fire Alarm System – We offer you with a highly reliable fire alarm system, with quick response and strong VESDA, Sprinkler and Fire suppression systems.
  • Public Addressing Systems – A system that will make sure you can reach out to every single
  • Public Addressing Systems – A system that will make sure you can reach out to every single person out there you want. It comes with the modern technology equipments which makes it the best Public Alarm System in Bangalore and all over India.
  • Entrance Security- Boom barriers, Flap Barriers, Under vehicle Scanner, Hand held Metal detectors, Frame metal detectors Etc


At Thasmai, every project is given its utmost value and equal importance. We, in the backend prepare a Project Charter, a project plan/schedule and the execution plan in the most professional way. Supported with such process, our ensured deadlines are practical and reliable.

Training and Handover:

Our technical experts strive to maintain a personal relationship with you so that you feel comfortable with us to get the best training and handover. A brief feedback is obtained from you to develop on our grey areas. We believe that Customer is not just a king, but also a Guru.

After Sales:

Our team ensures you a 24/7 back up. We understand that each security query or a system breakdown is urgent and critical. We provide you with a detailed contact tree for easy and quick access.